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Project Advice

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Unsure how to proceed?

Glasgow Polyomics provides project advice, offering consultations with a laboratory manager or bioinformatician. It is recommended before starting an 'omics related project that you contact us for a discussion or your requirements.

We can provide advice in the following areas:

  • Study design
  • Omics methodologies
  • Budget planning for laboratory and/or analytical work
  • Contributions to contract and grant proposals

An appointment can be made by contacting us via our enquiry form. When booking your appointment, please describe the nature of the query as succinctly as possible in an email. Please do not forward proposals. Any additional work arising from these initial meetings will incur a charge.

Omics Project Planning and Execution

Diagram showing silhouette logo of Glasgow Polyomics

At Glasgow Polyomics we offer assistance from the planning of an experiement all the way through the execution. Some of parts of this may need to be more bespoke than others. We would invite you to come and speak with us about your project requirements.

Please click on the image on the right to download an overview of our project workflows.

At and additional cost, we can work on method development with your research group for a particular problem you are working on. This requires Machine and Bioinformatician buyout for extended periods. We would suggest a member of your laboratory works part time with us to ensure the smooth and timely running of your project, as well as the necessary biological background.

After the primary analysis has been completed by our Bioinformaticians, the processed data is then turned over to yourselves for the secondary analyses involving biological interpretation.

It is hoped that you can use your biological expertise to answer the questions asked in the experiment, and take the primary data further, however we can provide assistance to interpret and mine the data. If you feel you require more assistance for the secondary analysis, you can hire one of our Bioinformaticians who can assist you in data interpretation, pathway and statistical analyses. We can also help in the preparation of images and text for your manuscript.

Due to the intellectual input from Glasgow Polyomics, the Bioinformatician must be recognised on any papers, presentations and posters that arise from the dataset. For more information please download a copy of our Authorship Guidelines.