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Metabolomics Data Analysis Workshop

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Course will be held via Zoom and Moodle


Gavin Blackburn, Ronan Daly, and Clement Regnault


The Polyomics Metabolomics Pipeline is a new platform for the analysis of metabolomics data, developed in-house by Polyomics and published in Bioinformatics. This is online course over two days where participants will learn the practical aspects of conducting a metabolomics experiment, from adopting the best study design to performing the processing, analysis and interpretation of the resulting data including statistical analysis using Metaboanalyst and biochemical analysis using KEGG.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. To investigate the varied posibilities of metabolomics
  2. To learn the prinicpals of data analysis in metabolomics
  3. To become familiar in using the Polyomics Metabolomics Pipeline (PiMP)
  4. To appreciate the checks and controls required to design a good metabolomics extraction protocol
  5. Statistical concepts in metabolomics
  6. To gain an understanding of what evidence is required to identify a metabolite in metabolomics
  7. To understand how to use prior knowlege in your system as well as biochemistry to interpret your data set

Course fee


Cancellation policy

A refund will be issued if a booking is cancelled more than one week prior to the workshop.

Target group

This course is aimed at staff and students who wish to deepen their practical understanding of metabolomics experiment design and data processing.

By the end of the course, you should be comfortable processing metabolomics raw data and can begin to work on your own data sets.

Local Organiser

Rachael Munro, Glasgow Polyomics

Registration and enquiries

To register your interest, please contact us via our enquiry form using a University of Glasgow email address and state the title of the course you would like to attend.