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An Introduction to Omics

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24 - 28 October 2022


Day 1: 0930-1145

Day 2: 0930-1430

Day 3: 0930-1145

Day 4: 0930-1430

Day 5: 0930-1345


Course will be held via Zoom and Moodle


Richard Burchmore, Gavin Blackburn, Ronan Daly, David McGuinness, and Phil Whitfield


A course held over 5 days, aimed at familiarising participants with the basis and application of various omics disciplines: genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Each of the omics disciplines will be covered by a lecture and a practical bioinformatics session. By the end of the course users should understand, for each omics level: the basis of the discipline, the instrumentation used to generate high-throughput biological data, key applications, and how to visualize the resulting data using commonly used software packages. Participants will also be aware of how different large-scale data sets can be integrated in order to obtain better biological inference, and appreciate the nature of other modern challenges in bioinformatics.

Course fee


Target group

Research students and staff who wish to deepen their understanding of high throughput data generation and analysis.

Local Organiser

Rachael Munro, Glasgow Polyomics

Registration and enquiries

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