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Introduction to Galaxy Workshop - Transcriptomics

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Course will be held via Zoom and Moodle


David McGuinness


Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biological research that enables researchers to create, run, tune and share their own bioinformatic analysis.

The workshop will teach attendees the basics of Galaxy including:

  1. Understanding the user interface
  2. The various tools available
  3. How to create, extract and modify existing workflows

By the end of the course, you should be comfortable using Galaxy and can begin to work on your own data sets.

Course fee


Cancellation policy

A refund will be issued if a booking is cancelled more than one week prior to the workshop.

Target group

These workshops are intended for researchers (graduate students, post-docs, fellows and PI's) who want to analyse their own NGS raw data using the Galaxy server.

Currently only open to University of Glasgow Staff and Students.

Local Organiser

Rachael Munro, Glasgow Polyomics

Registration and enquiries

To register your interest, please contact us via our enquiry form using a University of Glasgow email address and state the title of the course you would like to attend.