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Galaxy Server

Photo showing a data analysis running on Galaxy

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biological research that enables researchers to create, run, tune, and share their own bioinformatic analysis.

We will be running training sessions looking at RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Genome Assembly and Variant Calling tools available in Galaxy, and how researchers can build pipelines to process their data.

For more information on training please check out our events page.

For more information on Galaxy and it's policies please check out our Galaxy page.

Track My Sample

To enable you to track the proress of your samples we have developed an in-house Polyomics Project Management System.

  • New users will recive an invite to create an account when a project is logged on the system.
  • By logging in, you can view the progress of your project or projects!
  • Please log in here: Polyomics Project Management System.

PiMP - Metabolomics Data Processing

Image of a results page from data processed using PiMP

The Polyomics Metabolomics Pipeline (PiMP) is a new resource designed to assist with a continuing problem in the metabolomics community: the provision of easy to interpret data that biologist collaborators can derive value from. A major design goal for the project was easy sharing via secure, web-based access; informative visualisation and robust statistics. We are in the process of rolling this resource out to users, currently via invitation.

If you would like access please email: PiMP Enquiries.

We will be running a training session in metabolomics that will use PiMP. For more information please check out our events page.